Winter tourism

Zimski turizamDiscover previously unknown beauty, natural spectacle in the mountains of southeast Serbia!
Popular tourist routes of mountain tourism lovers are Stara Planina (which can be accessed from Knjaževac and Pirot), Rtanj, Ozren, Devica, Tupižnica, Suva Planina. Stara Planina was declared a park of nature, and special areas of Ozren, Rtanj, Devica and Suva Planina are under special protection regime. Each region has its limits and rules in order to protect the flora and fauna, particularly the numerous endemic and relict species, and are an ideal place for nature lovers.

Stara planinaMost of the rocks are suitable for climbing, and peaks represent a challenge for adventurers. Only registered climbers can conquer this area alone - beginners must be accompanied by an instructor.
Fans of extreme sports can enjoy the natural and mysterious amusement parks, which cause a high dose of adrenaline.
An exciting mixture of well-prepared ski trails, lifts, infrastructure, many attractions, beautiful nature, temperament and the hospitality of local people attracts skiers of all ages and abilities to use their time properly in the winter months.

Winter tourism is developing, especially in Stara Planina, where the building of a modern ski resort is in progress, the largest in Serbia. Skiing lovers can develop their skills on the newly built trails at Kraljevica in Zaječar and Bojanine Vode on Suva Planina. For a complete pleasure, the geographical location of the resort is not crucial, because it has all necessary technical equipment - snow cannons, which provide coverage from November to April.

Igra na livadamaIn the mountains of southeast Serbia parents will find the right conditions for their children throughout the year. In addition to ski schools in winter, the programs conducted by animators and guides at picnic resorts, places of recreation and sports, especially in Ozren, make your stay more interesting during the summer season.
Upon completion of an adventurous day on the slopes of the mountains of southeast Serbia, visitors can enjoy numerous local restaurants, which serve dishes of traditional cuisine of southeast Serbia and wine with geographic origin.