Wellnes & Spa

Wellnes vaših snovaSoutheast Serbia offers wellness programs of your dreams! Take a time to recharge your batteries. Leave your everyday life and enjoy relaxed in the magical surroundings. Holiday, health and relaxation is what southeastern Serbia offers.

At any time of year, its spas are the ideal antidote for stress and strain of modern life. Find your wellness and spa oasis with all conditions for aquatic adventure, in thermal baths, indoor and outdoor pools, rivers and lakes.

Attractive offer includes sensual bathing rituals, massage, baths based on natural medicine, baths for couples, spa treatments with massage, spa dinner, pearl bath, sauna and steam bath, which bring your organism in a state of complete tranquility and positive rhythm. In addition, medical care, physical therapy and fango packs, are a unique way to a deep sense of well-being.

One of the best known water spas in Serbia, Sokobanja, with water temperatures of 28-43 ˚C, provides the ultimate experience of bathing in the five centuries old Turkish Hamam. Mineral water bubbles in Radon in Niška Banja are a real attraction and the main condition for a huge range of services that the spa offers. Experiencing the power of water in mineral baths Gamzigradska Banja is an additional bonus.

So many options in one place! Swimming, fun games, fitness, bathing, massage, tanning, and sports and recreation, everything essential for general relaxation.