Journey through time

Putovanje kroz vremeBecause of its attractive geographic location and natural wealth, southeast Serbia was the target of invaders and the people who have settled here. Although many civilizations disappeared, often destroying the legacy of the previous ones, visible signs of military fortifications, castles, imperial palaces and a large number of medieval monasteries evoke the ancient memories.

What is most exciting and gives visitors the proper way to experience an area are tours of ​​cultural and historic monuments and sites of great historical importance.

Southeast Serbia is rich in these traces, remains and tombs that date from the Bronze Age to the architectural splendor of the most spectacular buildings of emperors.
Some of them were major centers of economic, religious and political power of their time.
Others are examples of unique architecture, or of a distinct contrast of lifestyles, historic popularity and the environment.

There is a possibility of organizing regional guided tours for groups of at least 15 people.