Etno kutak Grudanjske vodeniceEthno corner “Grudonjske Watermills” is located in settlement Gradašnica (2 kilometers away from the center), on a small river. It has two mills, which are more than two centuries old. The large mill was turned into an ethno kitchen, where each visitor can prepare various dishes from this area, according to traditional recipes, with the help of instructors of ethnological workshop “Etnos”.  The second, smaller mill, will be converted into traditional crafts workshop. In the yard, there is a small amphitheater, where the programs related to the history and tradition of Sokobanja's area take place.

Near the ethno corner there is a church dedicated to St. Mary, built in 1928 on the ruins of a medieval church whose foundations were discovered in 1913. At the time of the Ottoman rule here was in one of the few Orthodox churches on the territory of Sokobanja. The evidence is a preserved tombstone of Popadija Petkanova from 1648.
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Etno-kuća TorlaciEthno-house "Torlaci" is located in the valley of Grbulovački stream on an estate of ​​about 1 ha, which consists of objects, fields, orchards, hills and mini-lakes, which make a unique and attractive ethno-ambient.
All services provided are semi-open - with reservation and scheduling, which provides the user with an additional sense of comfort and safety when using them. Bearing in mind the contents of the building and real tourism potential of the area at a distance of 60 km, the offer is classified in four categories, which may be accompanied by joint services.

The facilities include:
• Restaurant, serving 60 people;
• Three lodging houses: “ČAKMARA”, “TLAKANA” and “AMBAR-APARTMENTS”, with a capacity of 30 beds;
• Outdoor terrace, for about 100 persons;
• Meeting room and breakfast room, for about 30 people;
• Ethno-kitchen for rent;
• Reception;
• Indoor and outdoor parking space;
• Supporting facilities: kitchen, boiler room, laundry room, workshop, shed-garage for terrain vehicles and kennels.