An oasis of peace, nature and health

Oaza mira, prirode i zdravljaThe municipality of Babušnica belongs to the region of Pirot. It is located on the main road M 9 which goes from Leskovac to Pirot and connects the highway E 75 (to the south of Europe) and the highway E 80 (east Europe).
The municipality is known for producing “vurda”, the famous cream cheese with red peppers, then cheese, good quality honey from ecologically pristine areas, and drinking water which is used for supplying the city of Niš.

It is situated on the river Lužnica, which forms the Lužnica valley at an altitude of 520 meters. This place, on the slopes of Suva Planina (meaning “Dry Mountain”), is famous for its mills located at the spring of the Lužnička river and Komarički waterfalls.
However, the most important tourist centre in the municipality of Babušnica is Zvonačka Banja (Zvonačka Spa), located 28 km east of Babušnica, at an altitude of 680 m, in an attractive mountain area and is known for its beneficial effects on the nervous system.