Mysticism of Rtanj

MIstika RtnjaBoljevac is a municipality in an interesting area of the valley of the Black Timok, between Kučaj, Rtanj, Tumba, Slemen and Tupižnica mountains.
For real nature lovers, Rtanj is a true oasis of health, which easily attracts its fans. Here come hikers, climbers (freeclimbers), adventurers, hunters, fishermen, and herbalists.

At this point, the wind roses from the Carpathians, the Adriatic Sea and the northern plains intersect, and not only that one feels the pleasure of fresh and clean air to breathe, but actually inhales healing properties that remove cough, clean the lungs and strengthen the defense system of the body. Particular treasure of this place is the endemic Rtanj violet, which is used for the preparation of the famous Rtanj tea. It grows only in the central zone of Rtanj and is harvested in August, when the herb pickers gather here from all over Europe.
On the slope of Rtanj there is Lozica church from the mid-14th century. It is significant to mention Lapušnja monastery (1501), and the church of Saint Elias in the town itself.