The green hart of Serbia

Zeleno srce SrbijeSokobanja is one of the best known and most popular spas in Serbia.
When you turn from the highway E75 in Aleksinac, from which Sokobanja is 30 km away, after a 20 minute drive you enter the Bovan gorge and pass the lake, after which you gain an open view of the most picturesque landscape in Serbia - Sokobanja valley. The Emperor Konstantin Airport in Nis is 58 km away from Sokobanja, and Belgrade is 235 km away.

Sokobanja is the first ecological municipality in Serbia and has the longest tradition of spa tourism. Apart from a large number of mineral springs (temperatures between 28 - 45C), Sokobanja is characterized by a specific micro-climate particularly helpful to the treatment of respiratory diseases. Sokobanja’s mineral water is very famous. Its healing properties and effects on the body are compared to the water of Bad Gastein.
Sokobanja has been engaged in organized health tourism for more than 170 years and its springs are among the best in the country. The wealth of mineral waters attracts those who need treatment (chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, psychoneurosis, high blood pressure, chronic rheumatism, fatigue ...), but it is also a favorite place for healthy people who want to rest and walk through intact nature full of fresh mountain air. In the vicinity of Sokobanja, there are several picnic grounds, some of which are only within a 10 minute walk from the town center.
Numerous historic monuments are proof that the area of Sokobanja municipality has been inhabited since the earliest times, and that the healing properties of its water and air were known in ancient times. The town is named after the fortress of Sokograd, which is 2 km away from the center of the town, up the river Moravica. It is situated on a high cliff and was built in the late Middle Ages on Roman foundations.